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Partnering with investors to build minority and women owned businesses.

Partner with an experienced startup investment company

Empower entrepreneurs to improve their lives and community

Positive and measurable social impact alongside financial return

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With a diverse selection of business investment opportunities, partner with Hi Mark Capital to invest in high growth and sustainable Black, women and other minority owned companies.

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We fund minority and women owned businesses, from startup funding to investing for equity in growing companies.

Who We Are

HI Mark Capital is a black and veteran-managed investing fund based in Charleston, SC. Our business funding team, backed by our experienced advisors and partners, have a deep understanding of how to leverage various business models to build and scale businesses, while providing financial return for investors.

What We Do

HI Mark Capital partners with angel investors, venture capitalists, and other investors to invest in businesses, specifically black-owned, women-owned, and other minority-owned businesses.

Our investment theme is industry agnostic. We invest in companies that fuse core technology and business goals, with execution tailored to the current and future needs of its core-customer.

We take pride in rolling up our sleeves and working alongside great entrepreneurs and their teams to help see their businesses grow and excel.

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