Fund Strategy

Target Committment $20 Million
Fund Type Startups & Early-Stage Black owned enterprises
Investment Vehicle Limited Partners
Investment Minimum $500,000 Private; $2 Million Institutional
GP Committment 1%
Management Fee Actual expenses for years 1-3 (the startup period), but not exceeding 4% of committed capital in any year, then 2.5% of portfolio value.
Incentive Fee 20% after 8% preferred return
Investment Period Eight years from the final closing date, subject to two one-year extensions at GP's discretion.
Fund Term Ten years from the final closing date
Target Return 15%
Leverage For buy-out purposes only. Maximum of 25% of the greater of the fund-level fair market value or fund-level projected total investment cost at the time of indebtedness is incurred; HI Mark Capital may utilize a line of credit to bridge capital calls.
Exit Strategy
  • Growth and Scale Investment: 15% return or 2.SX ofinvestment - whichever is greater.
  • Buy-outs: 25% return or 3.SX of investment- whichever is greater.

Value Proposition

  • Public/Private Partnerships (Government, PE Firms, Corporations, and Foundations)
  • Provide Growth and Scale Capital for SC Companies
  • Acquire High Growth Businesses and Relocate to SC
  • South Carolina Black-owned Enterprise lnvestment Thesis
  • Advanced Econometrics Due Diligence Process

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